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Hi,i belive you will need to create a different copy of the same  weapon asset for each different model who can draw that weapon.

im in the same boat right now trying to create a Mine with notify area. 

I tested again, sorry i was mistaken,The only way to make precise diagonals is to have the camera at 0 rotation in the X axis not 45 degrees.

Sorry Marti, but diagonals doesn´t work even if the camera is slightly rotated. As you can see in the first example the camera is 89 degrees and it doesn´t works . the only rotation that makes the diagonals move the characer actually in precise diagonals is to rotate it 45 degrees so  there is a issue . Please take some minutes to run a test . Thank you!

Right, Bear in mind it happens with any camera regardless of having or not having camera motor, so it happens also with another camera controllers.

As far as i know not natively, but you Can try to search for a sript that does that and use "Call Method" action to execute the  change skybox function inside the script.

Game Creator price is fair enough,and  the amount of features insane.  just buy it , you´ll not regret . Good luck!!

Of course, im sorry. The documentation just states "clicking the Change Model button and dragging in the 3D model you want to use from your Project Panel." My question is about what are the requiremnts for a 3d model to work with this workflow?. Im assuming that the model should include bones to be retargeted ,if that is the case, maybe some guidelines on best practices such naming the bones or the number of bones required to prepare your model before import into game creator. Merci