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Apologies for the late reply. 

We did fix this by ourselves after rummaging through some forums. It seems the console platforms, at least Playstation and Xbox, do not like using a constant of the epsilon and need Mathf.Epsilon for proper functionality. 

By the way, about that "Duration" field. Did you mean a variable within a code or somewhere else? Cause we're having a hard time finding it. The only duration field we found was through PlayableGraph Visualizer but this is only for inspecting certain parameters and not for making changes.


we tried the new Unity version. No improvement. It still bugs out. Also, the same thing happens on the Xbox One console. So it seems the problem runs a bit deeper. 

We are going to try your last suggestion with changing the "Duration" field. I'll keep you posted if this helps.

I'll try the thing about ignoring the hits (thank you for the idea) but I think we misunderstood each other about the first question.

I don't really need different hit reactions for different angles, that is okay as it is :)

What I wanted is for enemies to not just charge straight on the player and, instead, circle around - so that they will be able to strike from his side or from behind. You know, like in an arena of sort where multiple enemies circle around the player and hit him from different positions. 

Also, another thing. We built an empty project with no actions or anything on the PlayStation 4 and we get a following error:

"'GameCreator.Core.Singleton`1:: OnRuntimeStartSingleton' for which no ahead of time (AOT) code was generated." 

Is there something or some options that needs to be changed when making build for the PlayStation 4?

I know that this has already been answered but I'd like to add another question since it's related to the Variable Math Action.

In our formula for calculating damage, we are using root square of another stat but it seems the formula cannot recognize the sqrt function. I though I could bypass this process by synchronizing the stat with a local variable and then, through the Math Action, calculate the sqrt of the value within the variable but even there, the sqrt isn't being recognized. 

Am i missing something or is the sqrt function not implemented anywhere in the game creator?

Sure, that's possible but I didn't want to use that. Nevertheless, I managed to resolve my problem through scene objects, though I'm not sure if it's a correct and effective solution.