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I'm sorry Mathalous but that won't fix the problem ... it just hides the log. And I think my problem is different from yours ...


thank you for your reply.

I did what you suggested and created an "onStart" trigger on the Character which contains a condition "Can Invoker see Player" which triggers two actions: a message and the "draw weapon" action.

it still does not work.

I have the message but the character does not take out his weapon.

I even tried replacing "invoker" with the gameObject Character and it doesn't work ... I don't understand...


sorry for the response time, i have not so much time at the moment to work on my game.

To present something specific to you, I created a "sandbox" project in which there is only a field, a player and a character.

I recreated a behavior for my enemy that you can see on this screenshot :

The behavior works since trees are highlighted during gameplay but the "draw weapon" action does not.

Here is the details of the actions draw a weapon and add ammos

Here is the details of the character  components

and finally, here is the result in game :

my player is facing the character and nothing append...

What am i doing wrong ? Could you help me please ?

EDIT : there is nothing in the console this time...

OK ... it is on the prefab that I have to modify the transform... Okay.

So I imagine that for my second problem it is also on the prefab of the revolver that I have to modify my configuration?