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No worries! 

There may be an out of the box way, but this works quite nicely. I'm sure Marti or someone from Game Creator will reply with a cool way of doing it.

Switching camera motors isn't as bad as switching actual cameras like most of the other camera solutions (including Unity's out of the box solution).

If it's not very smooth, I would play with the transition times. 0.25 is too quick if you looking for a gradual change - so try 0.66 or even higher. 

So just saw this, and thought I would share what I did for similar mechanics. I set whatever it is I'm targeting (door, enemy etc) to a global variable GameObject, then I switch to a target motor, and set the target as the global variable. You can then edit the motor properties for the exact height that you want, offset etc. Also, your player should be pointing at the target (as it follows camera direction), but if you need some tweaking just set the character "look at" property too.

Ah that could work using the detection hits - thanks for the feedback.

Is there any plans to support "multi weapon"? Useful for things like this (to add in kicks and punches), dual-bladed weapons, and dual-wielding weapons.

Hi Marti,

Thanks for getting back to us, good idea with switching the asset pipeline as a temp fix - that did the trick. Makes sense that it's a Unity error, having a couple of other niggles with some of our custom editor windows too.


Hi, yes after an update to 2019.4 it freezes LESS (still freezes though), but now it has started to crash Unity all together at times. Any update on whether you are able to reproduce this bug on your side?

Hi, yes I can reproduce it every time I try to add anything in the Behavior editor. And I tried again with a new Behavior graph, in a new project, and same thing occurred. It's bizarre

Sure, the error message is below. It actually freezes the entire Editor, so much so that I have to close the project down and reopen it. Here's the stack overflow error:

StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.
at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEditor.AssetDatabase.SaveAssets()
at GameCreator.Behavior.BehaviorGraphEditor.CreateNode[T] (GameCreator.Behavior.Node parent) [0x00085] in D:\HEROES 2020\heroes\HEROES\Assets\Plugins\GameCreator\Behavior\Editor\BehaviorTree\BehaviorGraphEditor.cs:233
at GameCreator.Behavior.BehaviorGraphEditor.CreateComposite (System.Object parent) [0x00001] in D:\HEROES 2020\heroes\HEROES\Assets\Plugins\GameCreator\Behavior\Editor\BehaviorTree\BehaviorGraphEditor.cs:166
at UnityEditor.GenericMenu.CatchMenu (System.Object userData, System.String[] options, System.Int32 selected) [0x00020] in :0

Hi, is there any feedback on this? TMP is a pretty standard package, so support would be greatly appreciated...