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It's not just with space, it's with any key. I used space to show you that the key was for sure being pressed, but if you watch the video, I used tab first. I've tried lots of keys that aren't used for any other functions, none work, either with "On Key Down" or "On Key Up".

I did, however, try your suggestion, and added a "Wait" of .01 and it does work. How weird. I can't believe that this is "by design", though. Why should I have to add additional, unexpected, unintuitive, Actions to a simple Trigger => Action ( "On Key Up" => "Teleport Player" ) in order to get it to work? Why is a "Wait" not needed with "On Start" or "On Player Enter" to get the same Action to work correctly?

If you try, you can see that when using another key, say the H key, the camera will move a bit, as if trying to follow the player to the new location (another problem I'll bring up elsewhere), and the player will turn to face the correct direction that the "Teleport Player" Action prescribes, but the player does not teleport.

This seems to be a bug. If it is intended to work only with a "Wait" Action, then the "Wait" should be built into the "Teleport Player" Action.

I appreciate the consideration. It is possible to get the same result without it, however, as I described in my own reply, so I wouldn't want it to take up time from other features that do not have workarounds if it proves to be much work. Thanks!

I did manage to get the rotation changed using the Camera Rotate action, but the trick is to wait a couple of seconds after starting the game before you set the rotation, so that the Camera Motor can start working first. Thanks!

I'm running into this issue as well, which I don't when using a RigidBody on the Player instead of a Character Controller. Would it be possible to create a second type of Player object, specifically for Side Scroll projects, that uses the RigidBody instead? This might be an easier solution than changing your original Player object.

It might even mean creating a separate module for Side-Scroll projects since it would mean new Player Objects, new Character Objects, and could include some other common side-scroll mechanics like wall jumping, ledge hanging, etc.