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sadly, there is no way to know how many legs none-humanoid model has and which bones are legs of him. it means the locomotion animator can't be working well with none-homanoid models. it means you need to prepare your own Animator by yourself or you need to modify prepared animators of each models which the asset-seller offered to make it fitable to use with GC's Locomotion.

you can see which variables can be used as thresholder for each nodes. 

However, I found there is "Locomotion.override.Controller". maybe it can help you to solve your problem. I wish it can solve your problem.

Saving data is always big issues to create & manage games. according to google, C# string type can hold 1 billion characters as maximum limit. I think it is around 2 GB.

saving large data with Json string is not good idea in my opinion. if you handle large string file to read with parser, the parser will spend a lot of time to read. I guess the save game data to load current game scene is not too much big like that. maybe, you can prints the length of string as Log.

if you want to faster save & load methods to handle large data, maybe you can save binery data into file, or you can use database on your own server. but even if you save every player's logs on your own sever, 2gb for each players is too much big data. 

if you worried about the json string will be broken with weird characters, you can encode string values which you want to save into json. there are some encoding method to help you. I recommand base64 is good encoding options for you.

base64 can encode any strings (actually not only strings) with Ascii letters. so you don't need to worry about weird characters which can broken json data. because base64 can encode binary data into ascii strings, you can hold image file as base64 string. and html img tag can use base64 string directly. so I recommand base64 is one of safe option to handle weird data. the only weakness point of base64 is it can enlarge it's size

Hi, GameUX

maybe, I can give some code to help you

thanks for your answer :)

yeah, actually that's what I did to force touchsick keep showing.

but I think "modifying original source codes" is not good situations to use framework. (even if I change the value simply). I wish someday developer can manage about touchsticks at the preferences windows of GC. :) 

welcome :)

I am glad to hear I could help you well. anyway, you can control Variables of GC by using VariableManager in C# Scripts. you can control "global & local variables of GC" with him. 

there is no way to set joystick disable without modifying codes. 

TouchStickManager is singleton instance and it called onCreate() method when it make instance first. in the onCreate() method, TouchManager try to Instantiate TouchStick. 

Sadly, according to PlayerCharacter class, PlayerCharacter try to getDirection from TouchStick when Application.isMobilePlatform is true.

there are several points of getDirection from TouchStick when Application is MobilePlatform like below

the best way for solving this problem is waiting for "Marti" makes new update for this. 

but before update you can make(or modify) scripts for what you want.

I recommand to make child class from PlayerCharacter instead of modifying PlayerCharacter Directly. you can make your own "BabyPlayerCharacter" class which inherit to PlayerCharacter and make overrided methods such as "UpdateInputDirectional(), UpdateInputTank() or others" to keep codes of PlayerCharacter class innocent without any modification.

the simple way is just touching the conditions of if-constructions :P 
but usually modifying original codes of framework can make a lot of the insane problems and situations which you never expected. and if you modified this directly, Marti couldn't help you when you got another bugs or problems from this modification. so, just keep it as what it is.

finally I got the reason. I tried to make new nodes and delete it several times and I watched how it was responsed. even when I make new node (& new actions) and set options at the inspectors of window. it has delay to save its data. if I changed to focus on another task or close beavior window before updating task data. maybe it will be ignored(or cracked)

something I feel like that, when I set which ListVariable from whom (invoker) i need to wait until it saved data and update information into task node. if I set "select" before it saved information about "Whom", it never saved "Whom" just saved select information. 

the most important reason of this situation is the "DELAY" of saving information. :(

GC has melee module,  but I am not sure it is fit or not with what you want. :) It can make similar scene like what you show. But it is more similar than GTA or assassin's creed or elder scroll skyrim 

i bought also corgi engine when Unity assetstore offered 50% discount :) Integration between different engines (or frameworks, or whatever we called) is a great idea. But you can understand the chances of the conflicts between them.

for the 2d(or 2.5d) scenes as plaformer games, I recommend to use corgi engine or other frameworks which focus on platformer games. And another 3d scene can use Game creator.

one of the important points is the sharing game data between different system (between GC and Corgi), maybe you can use VariableManager of GC to integrate two different system.

but you need to understand what the Game creator focuses on. It is focusing on the FPS or TPS or Top-down game. Maybe you need to modify basic logics of locomotions as 3d arcade game like sonic. 

You show me Sonic, but GC is more familiar with GTA or Tomb Raiders than sonic.

May I give an idea for you? 

Maybe you can set main scene with corgi engine like Shante half genie as battle scene. And you can use Game creator for your town scene to offer inn & store system and quest and dialogues.  

Anyway I wish you can find good Integration way :) cheers

i am just another user of game creator, but I want to explain for your situation. I think game creator is the tool for productivity. It doesnt mean game creator is the magic wand to get what you want. Of course GC has some bugs, think about the another situation which you make codes for all of what you needs by yourself. You needs to spend a lot of time to write codes and spend another a lot of times for checking your codes and game logics for debugging. Even if you try to make simple game, Game Creator can save times almost 1~3 weeks (or months) to make core of game.

You made complains about unfriendly UI, and guidelines. But you need to understand the reason of the difficulties which you suffered is not GC. The difficulties of making 3d game is the reason.

If you want to find easier ways, maybe, templates of the genres which you want can be one of the answers. But the usage the template without understanding mechanisms is just simple works to change names, models, and add some items. According to your complaint, you seems as beginner of game developing. 

Try to research about examples and read it's offical documents to understand basic mechanisms of Fame Creator and Unity Engine. Especially the codes working in the backgrounds. It might be helpful to learn ways of the game programming.