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Thats what I've done already but that also means you can't change the damage per attack or if there's more than one enemy per enemy, its not as in depth as the poise or defence system is which will make it seem oddly flat and out of place in a full game. 

I sadly can't get that to work maybe im miss understanding what you mean by the actual weapon. 

Hopefully the dev sees this to help

As right now I'm just using an else

If statement to ask if the player is blocking or not if he is deal no damage if he's not deal 20

I I've picked up the stats plug in too and I have it to where if an attack hits, you lose health, the issue is that means hits anything, not just the target and you lose health no matter what, could really use a nudge in how to work this together as I'm lost, happy to pay for the help at this point, I'm going mad haha