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Still after update of shooter 0.1.7 the issue of stabilization is not solved. the upper body of character still shaking while aiming.

Is Contrallable Property completely block the player from moving. i only want not to shoot when inventory open. Well there should be an option in shooter. start shooting and stop shooting or start fire or stop fire. This kind of feature is helpful when you not want to fire our friend and only to enemy.. Hope you can understand what i am trying to say..

I have already tried the Transform action. But unfortunately when the item dropped the clone show none gameobject in Transform Action. If you see in the picture given below. i have highlighted "WeaponContainer" GameObject.

When i dropped the Gun it instantiated and i use the Transform action as you said. here you can see the new parent is now "none" when Gun prefab instantiated. Why it happening? 

Please clarify me the reason and a give a good solution.

its working but there is an issue. if  i use "On Start" trigger it starting performing action on Game Start. i want only when item is dropped. and please guide me more little bit. when the prefab of the dropped item instantiated as a clone i want it to be the child of an another blank gameobject. what should i use when item dropped.? This is part of my Above asked question not a separate. i need that action when item dropped.

if i set the speed to zero it keeps moving but too much slow. mean still move due to default character movement system.

Can you please add a tutorial for "on drop item" or "on drop to consume". i am confuse how to use it. because when ever i use "on drop item" on floor the inventory stops dropping item. if i dont use on drop item then the item prefab remain on the floor and i can pick it up a copy of that item. it only empty my inventory when i drop the item. So please guide me how to use this trigger.

Well this could be the part of main character animation like movement and jumping. Well it's up-to you. Thanx. We will wait for that feature 

There should be animation for vault or climbing on object or wall or stairs etc. Why You not include this feature in Game Creator character animator?

Its changing the whole state of player when i using "Is Controllable". I am saying that i want to to block only movement. i am saying that if i am in a hurt state and i am unarmed then i can walk in a hurt state. but when i draw weapon i want to block the movement so the player don't move only aim and fire towards the enemy or anything.  and when i holster the weapon or i am unarmed then it again start moving in hurt state.

Hope you understand what i am trying to say.

Please kindly add a system in inventory to drop some quantity of ammo out of total or anything using a slider to select quantity to drop.