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Yeah, that seems to be the problem.  Thanks for the tip.  I was able to get around it by making a project in 2018.4, and using that to find out what the values were for the other keys in the .asset file.  I then manually edited my .asset file in the 2019 project...and it works!  I still can't change the combos in the editor, of course.  But now at least I can actually use the other keys without downgrading the entire project.


Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not really what I meant.  Here, I made a picture showing the problem.

As you can see, my character is holding a shield.  If I am looking straight forward, I get something fairly normal looking.  If I look up, the shield gets close to the camera (because the camera is simply rotating while the character's whole body is moving).  If I look down, now the shield is far away.  Ideally, I would like the view to consistently be something like the first view...regardless of whether I look up or down.

I tried parenting the camera to one of the bones, such as the neck bone for example, but unfortunately as soon as I try moving my character the camera starts jerking around all over the place due to the walk that won't work either.