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This worked pretty well,

if (Input.touchCount == 2) { Touch touchZero = Input.GetTouch(0); Touch touchOne = Input.GetTouch(1);
Vector2 touchZeroPrevPos = touchZero.position - touchZero.deltaPosition; Vector2 touchOnePrevPos = touchOne.position - touchOne.deltaPosition;
float prevMagnitude = (touchZeroPrevPos - touchOnePrevPos).magnitude; float currentMagnitude = (touchZero.position - touchOne.position).magnitude;
float difference = (currentMagnitude - prevMagnitude) / 200.0f;

this.desiredZoom = Mathf.Clamp( this.desiredZoom - difference * this.zoomSensitivity, this.zoomLimits.x, this.zoomLimits.y );
print("desired zoom " + this.desiredZoom + " difference " + difference); }

target offset only gets constant value,it is not changing to global variable.

Yes,I guess this will solve my problem

How can i do that by using GC ? 

myView = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("Player",GameObject.Find(spawnPoint).transform.position,GameObject.Find(spawnPoint).transform.rotation).GetComponent<PhotonView>();

I want a new dash by using new animation by pressing for new key,it is simple that?

there will be 2 different dash working with different button

Nope,i want to insert new animation like dash when i press another button.

So how can i add these?i fulfill 4 animations box with my animation,However it doesnt work.

I perceived that this situation starts by touching another box collider or mesh collider,but currently i couldn't find a solution.