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Ok, that's the code to let the spider die. it seems ok to me, nothing that i would not do, maybe the spider does not need to "see" the player for to die, but that is not part of the problem, just a remark.

Now, how looks the code to make the spider folloe the player? Do jou check there for the spiders health, so it only follows if its health is above zero / alive?

what if you check for the spiders life points are above zero, and then do all the AI stuff? It looks like you already do something with the health atribute...

How would you do it if you use the NavMesh?

I found: "Transform Move" to let him turn smooth, so the turning is solved. Stays the movement of the feet. ;)

if you lower the treshold in the animator Base Layer>Movement>Grounded - Walk to 0.1 it should work. had no problems so far.

Hello! About the camera pitch in Adventure Mode: I still can't manage to have a fixed tilt on V.1.1.6. It is always straight ahead if you set the pitch to zero, no matter what values you put into target or pivot offset. I would like to see a possibility to set a min and max pitch, so we can for example set the pitch to a fixed 30° by min and maxing it to this value. This would solve another issue: If i put the pitch to more than 30°, the cam goes through the floor plane if i tilt it up, as it goes up the same amount as it goes down. with a min and max pitch i could restrict the tilt with two different values.