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Just tested this on a new project, with a different generic model(low poly rigged mech), and I still have the same issue of the position not loading correctly on a save game.

This sounds great! Thankyou for sharing. I am going to try getting it to work now.

In your project asset folder there should be a folder named plugins. Inside here, there is a gamecreator hub directory. You should find the script in here somewhere.

I believe there is something in the documentation about making custom actions/triggers/consitions.

I think it is called something like, gamecreator API.

I hope this is helpful. :-)


when my character has my generic model, when I load a saved game, the position is not as it should be.

If I change the model on the character back to default (in the editor before running the scene), and then try to save and load the game, it saves the position properly.

I need my attribute UI set to a global variable so I can show the health of a selected unit.

Can you please explain how you got it working? It may help others who have the same question. 

Does the player have 'Is Controllable' on the basic parameters?

Can you make the bool a global variable and use that?

A couple of times, to get triggers and actions working correctly with attributes, I have had to start again and build them from scratch on a new character/player.

And then they magically work.

Might be worth trying to build the system again on a fresh scene and player. 

I'm not sure you even need to call the conditions for this. With your trigger set to stamina attribute on change. Then every time your stamina changes your condition should be called.