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Its there, came out official. I used game creator 95%. The remaining 5% are the online save and google play scripts. A big thank you for your asset which saved a huge amount of time for the design.

 Hi man,Game creator offers many possibilities without writing a script, you can go to youtube, there are tutorials to help you understand this magnificent system.
If you start, I advise you to familiarize yourself with game creator by touching a little to all, you will see, we get to know it pretty quickly. You can create a system to cut trees and put them in an inventory. It requires a bit of technique, but if you follow the tutorial on youtube you should understand quickly enough. You also have example scenes provided with game creator. Do not hesitate to look at how they are built and above all try them. They are a good basis for learning.
 Ok, thank marti for this indication, i go test that.

It was an idea, create a script where we could choose the variables we want saved on a cloud. Notament on the google play service. Because currently if you uninstall a mobile app created with game creator, the game creator backup is deleted. If we could retrieve the variables saved in game creator and send them to google play cloud, we could find our game creator game saves.

( Sorry im french and use google translate)

It's exactly sa.mais but it is not annoying because we can not hold 2 sword in one hand, we can create a different stats for each hand. Your system is well designed, thinking a little have come to casiment everything make . But it is true that for a person who has little experience in scripting this can be a real headache. In any case, good work once again.

It is possible to create a durability, but you must use the stats (addon) and assign a durability stat to the items when they are equipped only. I managed to do it using gamecreator, without creating any script. You can see a weapon equipped with its durability at the top right.