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Hi Aeon, there is a Condition for this on the Hub to download. 

I use this for enemies to follow and when they are within distance, the set target (local on) to the player. You could use this for the Player and multiple enemies, but you would need to be creative about how you trigger it. 

Hope this helps

Casual Fighting Game waiting for approval on Mobile App Stores.

Corporate Serious Training Game made with Game Creator

Made with Game Creator and on Steam

Pulsating Heart!. I like that. update ;)

I will also look at adding an Object Scale Action with Easing. Sounds like a useful tool, not sure what you would use it for.

The GC core actually does have Transform Move, Transform Rotate, They work extremely well but they are by co-ordinates. 

I used them for elevators, I would create a second elevator without a renderer, and move with easing to game object. Worked well, but I added the Object move by Distance and with return timer to add even more functional to Game Creator. Gives you, the developer, more options. 

The Action Pack 1 for Game Creator has a Move by distance with ease functions, and return to original position. 

I will add rotate to the Action in the next update.

Hope this helps.

TMP is in the UI Components and Action Pack 1 as eagleeyez points out. However, to use TMP in Modules like Dialogue and Inventory, you would have to make custom skins.

But for things like GC UI Text Localization, at the moment you need to stay with gui text and not TMP. But for 3D text in game and UI, TMP is possible and included in the above Assets.

Yep, sorry I didn't see this post. 

The Action Pack 1 is up and available, took 4 weeks to be approved :( Unity's work from home is a nightmare. 

But the Pack is good.

Create Random Actions, 3D Text, Move Objects with the mouse, and create cool Moving Platforms!!!!

2 x Drag to Move/Rotate Objects in 3D space - for moving stuff about in game

3 x Float/Move/Shake 3D Objects in worldspace - good for platforms, elevators, etc.

7 x 3D TextMesh Pro Actions such as rotate towards Camera - clocks, timers, in game text.

3 x Randomise Actions with probability and no repeat features - great for patrol, animations, unexpected events.

1 x Custom Timer Action to execute results - allows your player to be put under pressure.

1 x Navmesh Action with example usage - sometimes you just don’t want to use the navmesh.

BUT NOTE: This is NOT a Module and is just installed like a normal Asset. It will automatically add the Actions to your GC Dropdown in the Inspector.