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If you change the Sensitivity setting for the Camera Motor, this will solve the problem. Ideally, you can provide a settings panel for the Player to choose their own settings. There are examples of this in the Accessibility Module.

Or you can just add a Fixed Camera to the player, but you will need to mess with the sensitivity of the A and D keys. But it works. I use this for vehicle control when the player is on the vehicle, the camera is fixed to the vehicle and is always behind facing the same direction.

yeah, that’s a tank cam. The accessibility module provides a basic one. 

This sounds a bit like the Tank cam functionally we have in the Accessibility Module, but the way your description reads, it is the other way around. Usually we want the camera facing the same direction as the character, but you ask for the character facing the same direction as the camera, Can you clarify? 

This isn't possible with the current Actions, but with a bit of coding it might be. But to do it the way you suggest, you would need to mess with the camera motor. Or have I got it wrong?

I was going to suggest using a NavMesh, then I saw your reply.  Good luck.

If your collider is on a trigger game object, you can use the SetActive Action to turn it off and on. If you just want to toggle the collider itself, you can use the EnableComponent Action. 

Fixed the issue by deleting and recreating the Camera motor. It appears that it was a wall clipping layer setting.

Please Close this problem,


Could be a version issue, as the same code works in 2018.4.8f1, but with GC 0.8.5.

This was addressed on the Discord Channel. Errors in other scripts were preventing GC from compiling.

This was fixed with discussions on the Discord channel. Modules were deleted without being removed, and deleting/recreating the GC Database fixed this issue.