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All right, thank you for the hint, i' ll give it a try.

All right, Marti. Thank you for the answer. Hope the Action will be downloadable in the Hub, for other users as well. Really great work.  Cheers ! 

Thank you very much for your effort ! Sounds great. I will give it a try as soon as possible. Maybe an employee of Game Creator also can look into it and check the Variable Update Issue and resolve it.

Thank you for your help. Hope you can bring it to work. Would be also a nice addition for the game creator.

Thank you for your reply, I am very happy to hear, that you will create a RTS camera motor for game creator. Some ideas for the RTS camera: First of all we need a boundary for the Camera Movement.(For Example Min X, Max X, Min Z and Max Z. Would be cool if you can see the designed bounds in the scene view. Then we need movement, zoom and a rotations speed for the settings. Scroll Settings are also required like Min High and Max High for zooming and Min Angle and Max Angle for camera rotate. A ground checkbox with the option to chose a Layer would be nice, too. Furthermore a camera view and zoom start position would be cool. And of course the input controls (For the mouse and the keyboard and maybe touch control. For example a drag /zoom /rotate control option (checkbox) for the mouse (For example, Mouse Button Left to drag and Mouse Button Right to rotate and the wheel to zoom in and out /or out and in. Would also be nice if you can set the keys you wish for camera moving with the keyboard or the buttons for the mouse for drag /rotate and zoom.