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If you want you can mark this as solved, i just duplicated my material and made one with emission and one without and used the change material action. its not a smooth transition but it works well enough, thanks for your time. 

Thanks for the reply, i tried that action (which seems like it will work in theory) but i get this warning "This should not be called but it's here for legacy purposes. Please contact us at: Thanks!"

not sure if its matters but im using hdrp 

Interesting, i'll look into that method. 

Where would that input float be located? 

Thanks for your response,

I knew of this option, but i wanted to avoid toggling run off and on in my game.

Im currently using the acceleration feature with a joystick, so running is relative to joystick sensitivity.

maybe its an issue with that? Otherwise i might have to settle with using a button to toggle running. 

Tried this, same result which makes sense because i'm pretty sure  the character property "is running" is also a bool. 

I set up a global variable that gets set true when the characters property "is running"

I checked the variable during play and it was still false when running.

Then, i tried the bool with "is idle" and that actually made the bool true, it just doesn't work with running. 

Ah okay, i was trying to use "enable component" before, "set active" gives the desired effect, Thanks mate! 

i'm currently using GC on 2019.3 and have not noticed a difference between 2019.2 and 2109.3. its working well. 

Thanks man, i'll give that a try. 

i appreciate your response.