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I don;t understand, you released these set of tools (Game Creator and the others) for 2018 LTS showcasing everywhere (even now on the store: Unity: Game Creator is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. It requires Unity 2018.3 or newer.) that it's been optimized for 2018 LTS but suddenly now with an update you say that you don't provide support anymore.that's not cool... you should at least provide access to important fixes to everyone (most important for the ones running on the initial supported platform which is 2018).

I don't even want to think about the other tools, I suppose that it's dangerous now to run any updates containing important fixes because it will break my project since some of them require 2018 and some 2019...that's not how this should happen normally..Anyway, thank you for the information. I won;t install the updates since you won;t help if something breaks


I recommend you checking this Tutorial from Indie Game Hustle:

It's about creating the Pickup / Carry / Drop. I guess it will help you get an idea of how to approach these things.

The channel also has a lot more useful tutorials based on Game Creator, wonderfully explained. 

Hey @Marti,

Is it possible to have this as an official update, what do you think?

I guess modifying the source files with these ones will work until the next update when stuff is going to get replaced..and I also fear that those may brake something in my project. 

Since Crouch + Shooting is a usefully mechanic, what is your opinion on this, do you have the time to put this inside the shooter module on a future update?

I am also interested about this one as I'm trying the same thing:D 


Yes, I am using the latest version.

Hi there,

I was just submitting a new issue for this and then this topic popped up for me, I forgot about it.. so I'll update this one, maybe it will be addressed soon :D 

Here is a video for the animations issue:

As you can see the head snaps back in an ugly way when you exit the trigger for the Look At.

Is there something I can do on my side or do we need to wait for an update from you if you are willing to help?

Have a wonderful day!


I went trough all your solutions in this post but nothing seems to solve the issue. I have the same feet snap whenever I pull out a weapon for example (or holster it) or any other gesture I play with a custom animation. Here are some vidoes:

Is there something else to be done?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hey Marti, thank you for your response! I think I did not explain very well what I wanted indeed, but I found out what I am looking for. So:

As far as I know, that's not what it should be doing. If you have a gun with a capacity of 5 bullets, if you reload, and holster the weapon, when pulling it, it should still hold 5 bullets in the magazine.

Yes, this works fine.If you reload and holster the weapon you will have bullets in it when pulling it again later. This is not what I was referring to.

However, it's true that at the moment, you can only add new bullets to the "pouch" of the character, not directly into the weapon's magazine. We'll add this option on the next update.

This is what I am looking for, and I am telling you why it is a big plus: 

- This is how mostly all shooters work: If you find a weapon, that weapon will have at a full magazine in it so you can start using it directly as soon as you equip it (it helps the immersion and the pace of the game). The current behavior resembles more to a survival game where you first find a weapon with no bullets, and then, later, you find the bullets  for it and only after that you reload to get ready for battle ...I am hoping more for a behavior where you start shooting as soon as you find/equip a weapon, it help you create a more fast paced game style and it is definitely more fun 

- Also, when you are scripting an enemy who needs to start shooting at you when he sees's weird because he is pulling out the weapon, and he needs to reload first, a guard or a soldier will always have the weapon ready to engage, he does not need to put a magazine in it when he is attacked because he will get killed 

I am very very happy because you intend adding this behavior at the next update, can't wait for it!

As always, I need to end by saying thank you for providing this wonderful tools to create games in such a fun manner, it's wonderful, I am spending days and nights with Game Creator lately, can't get enough of it, really man, thank you!!! Please don't stop doing this because honestly Game Creator and its addons are the best well spent money on Unity Store ever! I bet most of us buying your products will say the same.

I agree with DigitalProphet, when it snaps back it is very unnatural (once you exit the trigger area which will cause the Head Look At). It would be nice to have a smoother movement

Hey, I am not actually talking about that. What I actually mean is rather more simple than this. I'll explain by giving you an example:

- I want to have a trigger..which activates when the player enters a certain area

- Once the player enters the trigger I want to deactivate all controls/camera motors and switch to a Cutscene* made separately using Unity's timeline (this cutscene may contain for example 3 cameras, several characters doing certain animations and so on)

- Once the Cutscene ends I want to switch back to main camera motor for the player and activate his controls again

The Cutscene* I reffer to is done like this:

- create an Empty Game Object

- go to Timeline > press Create and save the timeline asset as a .playable 

- At this point you create animation tracks, add cameras and so on, creating an entire cutscene under the <cutscene_name>.playable previously saved file

So the actual correct question is how to call/play the .playable timeline cutscene through Game Creator.

This is not something specific to 2019, it was done by codding in older versions too.

For example, in this video the guy made a timeline play once a player entered a collider trigger.

He also made a timeline (.playable) play on awake (showing the character waking up from the floor and so on) and when the cutscene ends the Player becomes controllable.

This is what I was looking for to achieve with Game Creator, to have such an action which calls a .playable and then once the .playable ends I want to switch back to gameplay.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to make sure I could explain a little bit better, because initially I think I messed up by calling them "events" and so on.