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Apologize. Solved using a global variable.

Thanks. This is understandable. But can I choose what I want to save? For example, I don 't want to save the location of a character. I need to save coins and clothes, and the character should appear, when loading, at the beginning of the level.

Thanks for the answer. And I understand that in the play mode, when you go from level to level, the number of coins collected, purchases, etc. - are saved. But I can 't figure out how to save this data between sessions. Turned off the game – turned it on again – and everything was gone, no coins, no purchases .

Hi. I published the code in order to make it clearer what I need. How it worked before. And the question was - how to do this with GC? At least in general terms...

OK, I know how to display the message, I know how to perform the character climbing animation - but how to raise the character to an obstacle?

The Invector implements a large number of actions and animations, such as: auto-crouch, climbing an obstacle, climbing stairs, catapult, etc. Plus a large number of character controller settings. (Finally I paid for it)))

At the moment, the GC Inventory substation does not interfere with the use of the Invector - they do not work together. ( Items from the inventory do not dress for the Invector character.