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I do not share that users view. I think Game Creator is great and I look forward to more modules in the future! 

Traversal, mele and beyond ( in that order )  ☺️ :)  .... I will update the team on my findings. Again thank You.

Thank you! Keep in mind, I do like the acceleration and deceleration, so once it's removed for testing, I would like to see it returned for sure. It's great to have that control over movement.

Also tested a new install with only GC installed and the issue is not there so I think it could have something to do with upgrading from one version to the next.

Thank you for looking in to this. As I do need to change the Product Name.

I have seen a couple of comments that raise the point of that regarding the acceleration and Deceleration.

I am working from my preexisting project. 

Hello Team, 

I have a updated video showing a basic scene with just a Camera, Cam Motor, Block and Light. standard player model

Before and after Building , before and after changing the product name. The move issue still there.

Yeah it is strange -
In the video the player can Walk, Run, Turn, Jump etc... but not move forward in any direction when I change the Product Name?   

Please see below for trigger being used on player - 

I also Noticed that If I Hold the Analog Stick Down before the scene starts, the Character moves as normal but as soon as I let go of the analog, you get the "no movement" you saw in the video. As if the input is received... then when the scene starts its forward movement stops working.

to add : I turned off the Jump,PickUp,Run and Crawl and the issue is still there. With no console errors.

Please view this video  : 

1st : I show it working without changing the name on the product and in the editor. 

2nd : I show it working without changing the name after building.

3rd :  I show changing the name and building then you see the issue with the character not moving forward. etc....

I then show changing it back to the name Animated_Jam_01 and it works again. So I think there a issue somewhere.