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To add I saw the option to turn off scenes ( it almost worked ) in the general tab however there is error regarding inventory not being destroyed. So I can Load the profile and the data is there but after coming back into the main menu those errors pop up. 

Not sure what they mean, just providing as much as i can let me know if there as fix for this.

Maybe to keep it simple, Is it possible make a action : 

  1. That does not load the scene and only Adds the Data from a Profile specified?

I was thinking, is there a way to load the game data without loading the actual scene? Not sure if there a action for that. 

That I think ( tell me if I'm way off ) will allow my Load Button to get the information it needs to display. 

Ok Thank you. I will keep a eye out for it.

After thinking this through , i think this may not be needed but just a idea to put in the "idea book" :)

Nevermind - You may disregard this : I needed to add a "Player Equipment" Component and the Weapons retain from scene to scene.

For anyone having this issue, GC will automatically add a Player Equipment component however it recommends that we add it and it was right.

I am learning everyday! :) 


Awesome thank you, Yes that would be great as this would be very needed! Looking forward to it. 


Same issue Reported on Discord just putting here for reference :
Here is a small example video :

1st: Character does not collide directly with a object. Then I show Character Collide with a standard object and get stuck in Place even after possibly jumping out the position, Character stays stuck with no Forward movement, only rotation. Based on my testing - The character stops moving if Push Force is > 0

Hello Team, 

I have updated Inventory, Quest and GC and I am still getting this issue.

Please let me know if you need anything from me that could help.

Some objects were not cleaned up when closing the scene. (Did you spawn new GameObjects from OnDestroy?)

The following scene GameObjects were found:


I believe I found that root cause of this : 

Saw a couple of other people on discord with this issue and the solve was the below.

I made this change and it will now build.

From Discord : 

Should I keep this like this? and this will be updated in the next patch?