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Check out the video tutorial about Hide & Seek: The enemy, as long as it's not seeing the player, it wanders around following a patrol route. As soon as it sees the Player, it abandons its patrol and starts chasing the Player.

This is done using a Selector, which can be read as:

  • Left Node:
    • Conditions: If Enemy can see Player
    • Actions: Follow Player
  • Right Node:
    • Actions: Patrol

Here's the video tutorial:

Hi Casimiro;

Making videos requires a lot of effort from our part and we try to carefully balance our time between making videos, updating the documentation and maintaining and developing new Game Creator features. We use English as the support language, even though we're neither English speakers.

As for your question, it's a very particular feature. Using a slider to rotate a cube for a certain amount of angles would require a custom Action. I'm opening a ticket to create it for the Game Creator Hub. Cheers!

The Camera motor should not be added to the Player. Instead, create an empty game object outside and place the Camera Motor there.

If you create the motor inside the Player, it will add the Player's movement on top of the motor's motion, showing this stuttering effect.

Hi Daniel;

First of all, we don't speak Portugés. The official language is English, so we would very much prefer if you could as your question in said language. That way other users can benefit from the answer.

Regarding your issue, can you provide some screenshots? If you have installed Game Creator and the Behavior module, did you open the Module Manager and install the Behavior module?

If you did that too, make sure there are no script errors before installing Game Creator and the Behavior module. Our packages come with the source code, so if your project has compiling errors, our packages won't be compiled and won't show up.

There can only be one catalogue of items. Beware that this is only for the developers. You can organize the items in your game by categories.

As for where they are stored, it's under Plugins/GameCreatorData/ folder, in an asset called DatabaseInventory.asset

Not really. Currently it's a long list of improvements over Game Creator version 1. Things that speed up the workflow, but that can't be added to the current version because it would require changing the entire architecture.

The concepts will be exactly the same: You'll have Actions, Conditions and Triggers. Cameras and Characters will be improved to allow a more flexible workflow and will be much easier to extend.

On top of this, we're experimenting with a brand new Character system that, despite looking very similar to the current one, will be broken down in small sub-modules. This will allow us to easily create integrations with third-party assets or new character systems that Unity releases (we heard they are working on a new Standard Character package as well as the new Kinematica project).

But as I said, it's a long list of "ideas" and we, from time to time, try them out and assess whether they will be feasible to use or not.

Can you provide some screenshots of the setup? Make sure each screenshot shows the name of the object so we can understand what's going on. Otherwise it's a bit difficult for us to imagine what's going on.

You might not need a List Variable for that. Simply add a "On Left Click" on each object and Destroy the object itself. List Variables are meant to be used to iterate over.