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Hi Oliver! Sorry for the delay. I've just finished resolving this issue. You can now use the "global[variable-name]" code to display global variables inside both the Title and the Description of your Quests.

I'm marking this issue as resolved. The update should be live tomorrow (at most on Monday due to Unity review times). If there's any issue, please let me know. Happy game making!

Hi! This issue has been addressed and fixed. In the following days (most likely today), we'll send an update to the Unity Asset Store. The review times are around 1 to 2 days, so by the end of the week, the update should be live.

If after updating you encounter any issues, feel free to reopen the ticket. Cheers!

Hmm it's a blind shot, but maybe what's happening is that the grenade is being instantiated inside the character throwing it, and the physics engine goes wobbly.

Can you try increasing value in the Trajectory Offset? Or reducing the Character Controller's radius value.

As for the crosshair issue, the Shooter module doesn't have a crosshair that follows the mouse. You'll need to change the cursor texture using the "Cursor" action if you want to display a crosshair.

I'll leave the ticket as Under Review to see if that worked. If not, please get back to us.

You're welcome :-)

This is a quite new and unique Condition. Previously there wasn't a way to properly communicate when a character could "do" something.

For example, a Melee module character is aware of its attack state and knows when it can perform a slash. The Shooter module, likewise, is aware when it can aim and shoot.

However, there wasn't a way to properly communicate between modules when both actions can be done. With the "is busy" we tried to tend a bridge. It's still considered an experimental feature, so we didn't want to make a big fuss about it.

The idea behind it it's that it acts like a semaphore: When the character is not busy, the player can shoot, attack and do plenty of things. However, as soon as one of these actions start being performed, it turns the "is busy" boolean flag to true until it has finished.

So far the experience has been good, however, there are a couple of things we need to address before making it into a fully fledged feature.

TL;DR: It tells when you can do an action that should forbid other actions to take place. For example, drinking a potion should set "is busy" to true while the character does the animation, so it can't attack while dinking it.

Thanks, I'm more or less on the same boat. I'm planning on making a video where we make an enemy fight the player and it will cover how to use the Behavior module for the enemy AI, the Melee/Shooter for attacking, Stats for dealing with Stamina, Health and attack/defense power and maybe the Inventory for dealing with weapons. This should give a broad overview on how to use the modules together.

We'll be doing this after we do some maintenance work on all modules, which it's been long due. Thanks and keep the feedback coming!

We've tested and looks like it works fine on our end. Can you add some Debug Message Actions on both the clause Actions and the Else actions? To see if the Conditions is being triggered at all. Also, can you post some screenshots or make a video showcasing this? It will help us narrow down the issue

I see where the problem is. You set the Camera Motor inside the Main Camera.

The Camera Motor tries to move according to its behavior. The Main Camera, mimics the Camera Motor movement. However, because you placed the Camera Motor inside the Main Camera, it also inherits the Main Camera movement, which at the same time, copies the Motor's movement, and this in an endless loop.

To fix this, simply unparent the Camera Motor from the Main Camera (move it at the root of the scene).


Yes, this is a decision by design. The reason is that, if a Character doesn't have the "Character Melee" it can't react to hits. However, if it has that, but doesn't have any weapons equipped, it won't know how to react to hits (remember that hit animations and effects are defined inside the Weapon and Shield assets).

To solve this, simply add a Weapon asset that has no combos, only hit reacts and make the character wield that from the beginning.

It seems counter intuitive, but the Weapon asset doesn't just handle "weapon" data, but everything surrounding the Melee module, and hits are part of that.

Hope it makes sense!

Yup! Happy that console message helped you identify the issue :-) Cheers!