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This would require for the enemy to collide with something or detect when the enemy attacks, check if the player is dodging and if both of them are somewhat close to each other.

You can create this check using Conditions, but you'll need to fine tune it. Unfortunately, there's no "automatic" way to do so. The perfect block is much easier because it actually collides with the player and we only need to check whether the player is blocking and facing the enemy (within a certain threshold).

To walk close to the Player you can use the "Follow Character" action. If you also want this character to look at the player, you can use the "Change Direction" action and set it to face the Player.

We're assessing the idea of decoupling the model grip's offset position, rotation and scale from the Weapon definition, but at the moment, it's not possible. You'll need to create copies of the weapon asset for different characters.

Melee attacks come with the Melee module, and shooting mechanics come with the Shooter module. You can still create some simple combat using Gestures, but you'll need to figure out how to create combos and script them.

Adding your own code should be fairly easy. Check out the documentation on creating custom Actions:

Unfortunately no. We use Unity's default navmesh, which must be baked in the Editor. Despite this, there's a Navmesh Components repo on Unity's GitHub that allows to join multiple nav meshes.

To be honest, I haven't tried it yet, but you mind find some useful tools there that might work out for you. Since it integrates with their built-in navmesh, it should work just fine with Game Creator.

The console should print a long message below when selecting it. If you can copy & paste that, it will help us. The line reported doesn't really inform of much, since it basically tells the "attack" object is null, but not from where it comes from.

In that case, the easiest way to do so would be placing empty game objects around the player and parent them to the Player, and offsetting them by a certain distance. This will make these empty game objects follow the player but surround them from a certain distance.

Now you can create a List Variables and add all these empty game objects there. When you want multiple enemies to surround the player, you can pick a random empty game object as the target position and the enemies will randomly spread around the player. Using a Follow Character action would work best, in my opinion.

Regarding the error that appears, it's a known bug and I'm looking into it. Some AOT platforms (iOS, PS4, ...) do not like generic virtual methods, and can't generate the C++ counterpart code. A fix is on its way and should automatically work on the (hopefully) next update.

When it says "Stat called '' not present" means that you're trying to use an empty stat. Look over your Formulas and see if you're doing something like:


The empty space in the error informs of the name of the stat that's not found. Since that value is empty, means you have a Formula using a stat without a name.

If that's not the case, would you mind creating a minimum reproduction steps scene? Otherwise it's impossible for us to narrow down where the problem is.

Not really related to Game Creator, but this topic on Unity Answers will explain it better than I can:

It uses the XBox controller but a quick google search should yield you the correct input mapping for Dual Shock for either Windows or Mac.