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Have you tried reducing the number of agents? My guess is that you're using Unity's Navigation Mesh. When you tell a character to move to a certain position using the Navmesh AI system, Unity delegates calculating the path to a secondary thread, in case it takes a while, so the game doesn't stall.

Having that many agents is probably increasing the amount of calculations Unity has to make. So, while these paths are being calculated, they follow the previous path.

No worries, sorry for the bummer. However, Unity still accepts animations that have root motion and transform them to non-root motion authored clips. All you have to do is go to the Animation clip and under the Animation tab, check the Bake options. You'll probably need to experiment a bit there and see what options fit best your animations (Bake on Feet's initial position, average body, ...).

You're correct, Traversal is the name we'll be calling it. However, it's going to take a while. For vaulting small walls and so on, the tip I gave you at the answer should do the trick.

Hi GameBoy. Sorry about that. We changed the Variable parser and seems we made it a bit too restrictive. We'll loosen up the characters accepted on the next update. Apologies fo the inconvenience!!

Hi guys! EagleEyez already covered all your questions fairly well. I'm closing this topic. Feel free to ask any further questions! Happy game making!

You're faster than our shadow :-P This is a new feature in experimental phase and we haven't had time to neither announce it or write the documentation. You're right that this particular configuration is not going to work, because the Remember component relies on it being initialized On Start. But this method is only called when the object is active.

I'll open a ticket and rethink how we initialize this component. But you're correct about how to use it.

Hi Dyrwoolf. I'm currently trying to reproduce this but everything works fine on my end. Do you happen to have the image you posted without the frontal window? Otherwise we can't see the line number throwing the error.

Could you confirm that you are on Game Creator 1.0.5? We clicked on the "+" sign to create a new variable, Ctrl+Z and the variable simply disappeared. If you can provide clear reproduction steps, this would help us a lot!


Awesome! I've just updated the Change Material Action. I'm marking this topic as Fixed. It will be available tomorrow (if the Asset Store team reviews our package in time), together with other bugs squashed and other brand-new features.

If after the update you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to reopen it. Cheers!

Hi Homie,

Welcome to the Game Creator community. Don't worry about asking anything. In fact, you're right. We didn't take into account that a mesh could have more than one material. Unity gives access to THE material of the renderer as well as a list of materials. 

We'll be updating the current Change Material action to support index-based selection. The default one will be set to zero, in order to keep compatibility with previous versions.

Although the solution you proposed is a good workaround, the problem was rooted a bit deeper but we've just fixed it :-) I'm marking this issue as Fixed as it's already enqueued for the upcoming release. If there are any other issues related to this, feel free to reopen this ticket. Cheers!