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A box collider problem inside of root.

Gold Park 2 months ago in Game Creator updated 2 months ago 2

When I activate 'Auto Initialize Ragdoll' in the character Ragdoll section, a Box Collider is created inside of Root of the character automatically, and the box is out of size. When the character is changed to ragdoll, this box makes the waist goes up. How can I change the size of the Box Collider or make not auto-created inside of Root?

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When entering ragdoll state, the character initializes an heuristic process that tries to guess the size of each limb, head and body part, attaching a collider to each part.

However, this process sometimes doesn't yield the best results. I'm still looking into this and I want to address this issue in the future, so this can be done in Editor-time so you can fine tune each value. However right now it's a bit complicated to solve.

This strange behavior usually happens if the character is not on T-Pose in the FBX model. Can you check if that's fine?

Thank you for your reply, here is the image shows how the FBX model looks like.