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Clockwork Hades 2 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 2

About 11 months ago on the forums you stated you were in the process of making a tutorial on simple click to select, click to move controls using global variables. Similar to an RTS.

I'm not asking for a drag box, im simply wondering if you have any help availiable for a simple mechanic where you click on a unit and move them where you click.

I can't get the standard click to move controls to work for this function as all units either move together, or only one will move regardless of selecting other units.

I've asked alot on the forums, no one seems to know a definate answer. Ive checked every youtube video and cant seem to find any thing similar either. I've been trying now for a week and am pulling my hair out.

Please give me some advice in how to achieve this or please upload the video you said you had made so i can learn from it please please please.

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No reply for 6 days. It was me who convinced him to make the video on discord when I had no reply from the people who actually make GC. Admittedly I was massively over complicating things, trying to store click locations inside variables etc.

Seems like really bad customer service. Still haven't received a reply regarding a refund request for the behaviour module.

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I guess thats a no then?


RVR has been hard-working on making video tutorials, including this one: