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Game Creator and Adaptive Input Handling (Old versus New versus Both)

Christopher Andrzejewski 2 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

If anyone is like me, and picks up assets when they are on sale, be aware there is one asset that will directly conflict with Game Creator called https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/nwh-vehicle-physics-2-166252?aid=1011lav2V&utm_source=aff This is a great asset on its own, but it does change during the importing stage, how the controls are configured in player settings. This said, here is the solution. If you happened to grab this asset, like I did, allow it to make its changes and do the install. Then go to project settings, and in there click on player settings (on the left). About halfway down you will see a setting for "Adaptive Input Handling". It has three options, Old (which Game creator is using currently), New, which this specific asset is using, and potentially more, and then Both. Select 'Both' and controls will be restored to working with Game Creator ( @mnogue not sure if a future version of unity, will take away the option to do both, but just a heads up ) This was found and tested on newest Unity 2019.4.3f1

I bring this up in bugs, not that there is something defective with Game Creator, but rather as a proactive attempt to let you know that there is the potential issue where a non game creator asset, being added to unity using the 'New" version Adaptive Input Handling, can and will break input controls in Game Creator. Correction is to take Adaptive Input Handling under player settings and adjust to both. I sincerely hope this helps

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Unity recently released as a stable version their new Input System. Unfortunately, there are some missing features that make it very difficult to port Game Creator to the new one, and we'll wait until there's a feature parity.

We've been experimenting with the new Input System and so far it's going to help build better tools, but for example, you don't get access to a list of all possible buttons. Unity isn't deprecating the current battle-tested system any time soon as far as I know.