Looking to pay experienced users to create video tutorials

Andy Mul 2 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 7

Hi there everyone :)

I am wondering whether anyone is interested to be paid, to create a series of video tutorials detailing how a specific game clone can be made using game creator (and its modules if needed).

Me and my brother has a few game ideas in mind, but we would like to get a head start with focused tutorials on how to achieve what we wanted.

Please reply to me if you are interested.


Unity version:
Game Creator version:

I would suggest you just look at RVR on Youtube he seems to have some good tutorials on how to get started. 

Thanks for the suggestions :)

I am learning a lot by watching his videos, but I am looking for a custom tailored video tutorial that will go towards the game I want to make. It is hard for me to put together stuff from YouTube videos, to get that template that I want.. :(

add me on discord Gado#5486

I have sent you a friend request. Thanks!

I don't think you'll easily find a video that explains exactly the type of game you wanna make with exactly the kinds of assets and tools you have. You'll always have to adapt.

Plus if you'd just follow the video instructions you wouldn't actually learn how to make your game. Understanding systems and mechanics and then adapting/changing/making them your own is pretty much the core idea of actually making a game.

Why don't you ask what exactly you're looking for? What kind of mechanic? What kind of system? 
The clearer your question, the more and better answers you'll find.

I am looking for a system where the main character can build castles, small city, cute establishments on the clouds, and can add in the building blocks using the kindness currency. This currency is obtained by helping people on the neighborhood (completing their quests). 

This is loosely based on the Japanese anime Doraemon, in particular the cloud adventure story:


The main character (Nobita) will be in third person mode, and there will be side characters like the one in the anime.

I know gc and its modules will be able to do it, but I need specialised tutorials on how to achieve the cloud world building mechanics and the gameplay.


This forum is more for support questions rather than paid work. It's okay to post it here, but you might be luckier asking in the Discord server, where more users gather to talk and discuss it.