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Invert Head IK behavior

Boomcrash 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 6

Running while using the Adventure Camera and rotating the camera to the left and right, the players head turns away from the direction that they are moving. Something similar happens with the camera is still and the player changes direction 180 degrees. The body moves in one direction while the head is looking behind them. In both instances I'd like the players head to look in the direction that they are moving, not move first and then turns to look where they are going.

Any suggestions? 

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have you tried Target direction, camera direction and movement direction if one of those fits your needs

Thanks for the suggestion. Under the Camera Motor, I tried Target, Camera, and Motion, the head Ik direction didnt change and stayed the same on all 3.

Still not sure what you are wanting, but maybe you want to control the character with tank controls? Have you tried on the player to set the input to tank controls?

Sorry for not being clear. I like the adventure controls, they are perfect. I am only focusing on the behavior of the players head.  It looks in the wrong direction during some sequences. When people move they typically lead with their head, and follow what they have eye contact on. In a couple of states the head is the last thing to change to the new direction, when its usually the first.

While running and rotating the camera to look in the directions of the players left side, their head looks to the right when it should look in the direction that the camera is aiming

Also when pressing "A" and then press "D" the character rotates 180 degrees, but the head continues to look in the previous direction and is the last part of the character to adjust to the new direction.

If this helps, in the past I've used a object as a "Look At" point that is a child of the camera and to target for the players head that is usually a couple of meters away at eye level. Currently the when the camera pivots up, the player's head pivots up, same for down, but while moving when the camera pivots left, the players head pivots right, and same is true for the other direction. I'd like the head to pivot in the same direction that he camera's focal point aims. 

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That's because the head has some dampening. If you want to get rid of the head moving with a bit of lag, you can disable the IK Head in the Character's Inverse Kinematics section.

Despite this, it looks like you're experiencing something worse, where the character's head gets stuck in a direction. Can you attach some video showing this? Just so we can narrow down where the problem might be.

One last thing, try updating Unity to the latest 2019.4.xf version. They have solved a number of recently introduced bugs.