Character select and move action like a RTS game

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I'm making a game like an Anno series and I'm wondering if I can make these actions by Game Creator.

1. Select a character or characters by both ways mouseclick and box selection.

2. When Mouseover on a character, mouse cursor change.

3. When select a character displays an animation(VFX) on the bottom of a character.

4. After selecting a character I want to make the character move to some point like Point click.

5. When clicking some position on the ground, display an animation(VFX) on the position.

6. After the character arrives at the position the animation(VFX) disappears.

I tried many ways and read the description, but I still can't figure out, so I'm asking here.

Maybe these actions can be made by playmaker but I really like the Game Creator more, so I hope Game Creator offers these actions. 

Thank you.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Thank you for your answer.

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Selecting a character can be done placing a "On Left Click" Trigger on the Character. This should update a Global Variable that will be used to move the character around.

To change the cursor when hovering the character with a mouse, use a Hotspot. It has a built-in section dedicated to changing the cursor when the mouse passes through.

Displaying a VFX when selecting should be as easy as instantiating a prefab when the mouse selects a character (see first answer).

When moving a character, you can wait until it reaches the destination. Afterwards, simply instantiate a VFX prefab at the character's position.

So in summary, everything is fairly easy, but the rectangular selection. Unfortunately there's no way to do that at the moment.

Hi Marti,

Sorry to be bothersome,

Would you please consider creating a short tutorial on this. I've bought all GC assets to date and am still really struggling with this mechanic. I've been trying incorectly for about a week even using the advice off the discord server.

A tutorial on this would also help lots of us learn how to better utilise the variables.

Kind regards