character upper body not stabilize while aiming and shooting

Syed Suhaib Zubair 3 months ago in Shooter updated by BV123 3 days ago 4

I am using latest version of Game Creator. I have still an issue with stabilization of upper body. your default character upper body shake alot while aiming with with run at speed 4. 

the options( stabilize body ) given in "state easy"  and "state aiming" of revolver is not working. Please guide and resolve this issue.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

We removed the stabilize option because it made some models rotate towards unnatural positions and wasn't an all-out solution. We're still working on this, but we've got higher priorities at the moment, so it might take a while till we get to work on this.

Then please guide me what should I do during this period? How much time or days you will take to resolve this issue or introduce something new. 

can you give me another solution for the time being I can use for character controller ? 

I agree this one is painful. The wobble as I call it is too significant to ignore.  I just spent most of the day trying to resolve or mitigate this.  Has anyone come up with a recommended workaround?

The wobble is being caused by too much side-to-side rotation in the spine. Specifically the pelvis. I would recommend trying walk/run animations that are designed to work with aiming. Go on mixamo.com and search for "Pistol" or "Rifle" and you'll find animations of a soldier walking while aiming. Make sure to get the walk/run backward and strafe animations too. They are free.

If you're interested in animation, you could also make a copy and fix the GC run animations so that the pelvis rotates less from side-to-side with Blender or Umotion Pro on the UAS. Umotion has additive layers so fixing the pelvis would be relatively easy. On the Blender Market, there's an addon called Animation Layers that adds additive layer functionality to Blender. It's possible to fix it in Blender without it but it's just a little more difficult.

Another option is Final IK on the UAS. It's Full Body Biped IK component has settings that can fix this but it's a bit pricey and I've also just noticed recently that it doesn't play nice with Melee. Currently trying to fix that.