Joystick buttons

Noah McMoney 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Aeon FitzGerald 2 months ago 3

When I go to the joystick buttons, it says joystick button 0 -19 but after that it says joystick 1 button 0-19, where are the axis and stuff?

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Axis are not buttons, hence why you can't detect when an Axis is "pressed". Axis value provide a stream of data, which at rest is usually 0. Pushing an axis in either direction will result in that value updated from a range between -1 and 1 in all X and Y axis.

is there way to access the axis with GC? ( mainly in regards to the D pad)

I made a script that ignites a trigger when a specific Dpad is pressed, would this be helpful? 

You just have to make sure that the axis is correct in the input manager.