Thank you!

GC incredibly useful in any way

Phazorknight 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

Just wanted to say thanks for GameCreator.

I've got most of it in the sale a while back, just to try it out in new prototypes and I have to say, it's better than I hoped.
Found so many useful features that I went back to my current/last game to implement new content using GC as it gave me the confidence and abilities to pull them off.
I have PlayMaker too and feel that GameCreator is way more intuitive and easier to combine with my own custom scripts and the likes.

I'm getting more comfortable with using it and learned some of its quirks. There might not be a ton of documentation out there, but it's getting better every day and people in this forum are also really eager to help, so thanks for the support.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much Phazorknight :-) Really happy you feel this way and it's a motivation boost for us reading comments like this. Happy game making!