Orbit the camera with Touch screen?

L.G. Patlán 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by ProfPivec 3 months ago 2

Hi, I just bought this asset because I need to make an Interactive Product Visualizer, the problem I found:

I can't find a way to make my camera orbit around the product without a Mouse

I'm planning to use this on Smartphones and Tablets. 

¿Is there a possible way to make this with the Game Creator Asset? 

Sadly I found this problem after the purchase :( 

Thanks in advance and good day!

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
1.1.9 - ALPHA

Game Creator should be smart enough to detect when you've build the game for smartphones and it will automatically change the orbit mode to detect panning with the finger. You don't really need to do anything apart from using an Adventure Camera (or First Person).

Have you tried building the game for a mobile device? I'm leaving this issue open in case.


As Marti says, GC will orbit the Camera with the touch screen when you build for Mobile (but only when it is running on the Mobile). We build for Mobile using Game Creator and have no problems at all.