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Dual Wield Shooter Module Beta

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This is the VERY first release of this Module.  It's still rough around the edges, feedback, constructive criticism, praise or ideas are all welcome, so please ask or tell away!  


Things on my to do list already:

2ndary Ammo

Blindfire (hipshot)

Grenade Button (as in not switching out guns or swords to throw grenade)

Grenade ThrowBack


Melee Version of Dual Wield

Swimming Module 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Hello Everyone,  it takes 14 days to upload this to the Asset Store, however I will be posting the Beta Version of this Module on my website.  (Link coming later tonight)  I've got to go do Dad stuff for now, but once the little guy is sleeping tonight, I'll start the upload and post the link.  Happy Dual Wielding :)



Here is the link to my Etsy Store to buy the Beta early for cheaper.

For the Game Creator Devs. I sent a free copy of the BETA to support@catsoft-studios.com.

If there is a better email to send it to, please let me know.

Anyone who has an Order Number from Etsy for this product will get a free download code for the

official Unity Asset Store version when it is made available.  

Just a heads up, I removed the listing for the Beta.

I thought eagleeeyez raised a good point about the code changing requirements, and perhaps listing a beta on an etsy store was something I did at 3 in the morning, after a few hours of Unity, and cursing protected variables haha.

(Nobody purchased so no harm no foul, and even if they did I'd have corrected that)

If the ChangeMuzzle() Function in my comment below gets approved and added to the Native CharacterShooter.cs by Marti, then I will polish this up, slap some bonus actions and nicer animations on it, and upload it to the Unity Store as a real 100% Module. 

If he doesn't want to add that to his script, I'll have to respect that and move on to something else.

Update on the Melee Dual Wield, it looks promising without any code changes, but it's not complete quite yet so, fingers crossed..

So later on

Melee Version of Dual Wield

Swimming Module

Are all going to be separate purchases?

And then changing GC code, well what happens when GC updates? Well then we all get errors And if every moduel did that we would then get lost very quickly. 

You should have asked GC first how they could help you instead of us having to change code.

Moduels for every little tiny action is getting rediculous.

Duel shooting should be in the shooter module. We all already paid good money for that, so  should we now pay extra for dying?

And if that what you are offering is the discounted price, what is then the full price going to be?

Thanks for making this but I think the guys at GC should have this in the shooter module as it belongs to the shooting catagory which we all already paid for. 

This is a 3rd Party Module, I have nothing to do with any money you've spent so far.

I forgot to add that to the Title and can't edit it.  Hoping the Devs can add the words 3rd Party to the thread title and 

forgive my mistake.

The change in the code is only for the Beta version. I will obviously not release a full price version unless it is 100% compatible without any minor code changes, I even mentioned in the video that I would be seeking out a solution for that. Thought I would release a working Beta for the time being to attract attention and hopefully polish this up and get it on the store within a few weeks. I hope releasing a BETA wasn't a mistake, but I'm looking for some actual feed back, on what can be done before the full version is released.

And it needs to be a proper module through the module manager for me to be comfortable charging more than $10

BUT I did already give away a FREE multi item crafting system for the Inventory Module.  It's on the HUB

The Melee Dual wield might be included with this as 1 Dual wield combo pack when it's done, just because I agree it should be, but it depends on how difficult it is to develop.  I do have a family to raise, and developing games for free takes time away from that. Plus I gotta convince my wife that all my computer time is real work and not just "Playing Unity" :)

(Beta is $9.50 , Full shooter Version $18, Full Version WITH MELEE, probably $25, but I really didn't want to talk shop on the GC forums)

Everything else on that list would also be included, as well as throwable melee, if I can crack it.

Swimming Module would be separate.

It's looking like swimming isn't going to be that hard, and might only take one script.  

If i can crack it I'm just going to put it on the HUB for free instead of the asset store. :)


Here's the HUB Link for the Swim Asset if you want to check it out.

I'm trying to Solve the "have to edit the code issue" 

I also realize that those variables probably need to stay protected.

So I've written a "ChangeMuzzle" method, that if it's added to the CharacterShooter.cs the variables can remain protected, and I can still have the access I need to complete my Multi-Weapon Module.

Would it be asking too much for you to add a method like this to the CharacterShooter script in an Update?

Unfortunately I don't think I can complete the Module without it.

public void ChangeMuzzle(GameObject altModel, WeaponMuzzle altMuzzle)
if (this.isReloading) return;
if (this.isDrawing) return;
if (this.isHolstering) return;

if (this.isChargingShot) this.currentAmmo.StopCharge(this);

this.modelWeapon = altModel;
this.muzzle = altMuzzle;

i did not buy the beta because i'm waiting for the official release after main probs been ironed out.

i will gladly pay the "full price" for a bug free version.

i agree strongly this should have been a part of the shooter module.

but still i'm damn glad someone made a module out of it.

imo, being able to control each hand independently is very useful in any game.

I'm waiting how this all works out.

and i'm also looking forward to the 2ndary ammo!


Hey ryubi, I'm glad to see there's still some interest in this, I haven't heard a yes or no from Marti about the ChangeMuzzle method addition, he seems really busy at the moment, so Dual Wielding is still on hold for now.

But as for 2ndary Ammo, that's actually done as well as some other actions, and I'm planning on making a cheap shooter Actions Pack, that includes any of the ideas I mentioned in this thread, that I can accomplish without any native code changes.

(Don't blame you for not buying the beta either, I removed it as soon as I realized there was no way around that muzzle flash change from outside the CharacterShooter script)

Under review

Hey everyone, sorry for being dead silent. I've been having a huge influx of threads and while ultimating the details of the Traversal, looks like I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything!

Regarding the code changes Navarro, I don't really like the idea of having to include code that is specific for another package. This really defeats the purpose of modularizing the entire ecosystem. Dependencies should always point outwards.

However, there are work arounds. In this case, it might be even super simple. I have yet to try if there's any incompatibility, but you could try using an extension method. These are methods that are outside from a class but look like they are part of a class.

In this case, you could have a class called "MuzzleExtensions" that has the following method:

public void ChangeMuzzle(this CharacterShooter shooter, GameObject altModel, WeaponMuzzle altMuzzle)
    if (shooter.isReloading) return;
    if (shooter.isDrawing) return;
    if (shooter.isHolstering) return;
    if (shooter.isChargingShot) this.currentAmmo.StopCharge(shooter);

    shooter.modelWeapon = altModel;
    shooter.muzzle = altMuzzle;

Another possible solution would be to create another class that inherits from CharacterShooter so you can implement your own character shooter methods, like Change Muzzle. If someone uses your module, instead of having to add the Character Shooter component, they would need to add your own Character Shooter Dual (for example).

Either solution is fine. I more inclined for the second one, which I believe is easier and more flexible. Let me know what you think of this. Again, sorry for the delay in answering!


Awesome!  Really appreciate the feedback and possible solutions. 

I'm going to give these a shot this week, and hopefully my multi weapons module will be back on track!

No worries on the delay, from the previews of the Traversal module on twitter, it looks like you've had your hands full.

Can't wait for that!

Here it is all shiny and new!!  No Code Changes Required!

Has Left State, Right State and Dual States, Secondary Fire, and a Grenade Button

I just have to upload it to the store and we're cookin'

I'll be working on Blind-fire, HipShot, and Melee Dual Wield Next. :) 


This plus bullet-time could be a lot of fun.