First Person Camera Head Bobbing is not smoothed

Randovski 3 months ago in Game Creator updated 2 months ago 4

Sorry for my terrible English。

When I use of the First-Person Camera,  I found that Head Bobbing is not smoothed.

At the beginning and the end of the movement, the Camera shakes and It doesn't go smoothly back to the original position.

The larger the Amount, the more obvious it is.

How can I solve this problem?

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There used to be a problem where at low speeds, the head would bob very abruptly, but that was fixed a few updates ago. Can you make sure you're using the latest version?

If you are, do you mind sharing a video capture? I've just tested this and seems to be working fine. Of course if you use high amounts of bobbing, the movement will be a bit too dizzy, but that's expected.

Another cause that might be is if you're not using "deceleration". If your character doesn't decelerate, the camera bobbing will transition to an idle pose in 0 seconds, and so will the head bobbing.

PS: Your English is perfect :-)

Hi Marti, thanks for your reply & PS :-D.

I am using GC1.1.9 and UNITY 2019.4.1F, this issue is the same in 2019.4.0F.

I've uploaded a video that I hope will show you the problem.


Thanks for the video Randovski. I'm opening a ticket and have a look at this. I'll circle back once I got some news :-)

Thanks Marti! Looking forward to good news.