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Possible GC Action Track bug?

larrygj 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 3

Using the latest Unity version 2019.4.1 LTS, and after making sure the Player option "Is Controllable" is unchecked, when I create a custom GC Action Track and add an Action to it as an Asset, Unity crashes when the timeline reaches that asset in Play Mode. The action is a simple character gesture, nothing more. Is this a bug?

Unity version:
2019.4.1 LTS
Game Creator version:
Very latest (re-downloaded it today, no prior version present)
Under review

Looks Unity 2019.4 is quite prone to crash. I haven't been able to reproduce this with a Gesture action. Can you first make sure you have a Character target and you're trying to play an animation clip that is set to type "Humanoid"?

Despite this, Unity shouldn't just crash without any error messages. Could also be related to the asset pipeline, which has given us some trouble. If the previous doesn't work, could you try going to Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor and change the Asset Pipeline from 2 to version 1. See if this resolves the problem.

I did as you suggested, setting Assets Pipeline to version 1. I also reinstalled 2019.4.1 LTS and created a "clean" blank project and installed in a scene the latest version of GC with nothing else imported. I created an action for the standard Player to clap. Without the timeline the action worked. But when I put the Action on the GC Actions track, as soon as the Action Asset was reached on the timeline, Unity crashed. Has nobody else had this problem? I would think what I describe could be easily recreated. 

I've been reported that the latest Unity version has the pipeline version 2 fixed. Could you try downloading Unity 2019.4.3f? I haven't personally tested it, but a couple of users have said it does work now.