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prunelle 4 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 months ago 6

I've got a Problem with scaling.

I build my Level. Then I placed the player. But the Player is small like the charachters from ToyStory.
So I tryed to rezize the Player to fit. That's no problem, till movement starts. Then the Player flips around, disappers, clips in the ground or other weird things.

Is there a way ti scale the Player without Issues?



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One unit in Unity should roughly correspond to 1 meter in real life. Characters in Game Creator are 2 unit tall, to round things up.

Making characters much bigger can lead to problems when not pairing with proper gravity configuration. Still, it should not flip around.

Can you provide some screenshots or show how your hierarchy panel looks? This usually happens when you place the player a child of a camera or another moving object.

Hi Marti,

thanks for your reply.

So it is bette I make the level smaller (much work) than the player bigger?
I attached two screenshots.


Hey ! I have the same need. My player must be 5 cm tall. However, I can not re-scale the entire world since it's a VR experience and need to keep the physics and measurement right.

Have a good one.

Hey Greg,

I tried something found on google.
I created an Empty and make all Assets/objects from the room a child of this empty.
After that I played around with the Scaling Parameters of the Empty, in Inspector.

It broke some arrangements but not all. For me, it was not the best way but the fasted instead of changing everything one by one.


Glad to hear you managed to fix it. Despite this, it's easy to get lost in scales. What I usually do is to create a 3D Cube primitive at the center of the scene as a reference. That cube should be half the size of all characters.

Hi Marti,

thanks, this seems to be a good advice. I'll try this.