Melee - Is it possible to use kicks with a melee weapon?

Solos Interactive 4 months ago in Melee updated by Navarro Family 4 months ago 4

Hi there

It may be answered elsewhere, but is it possible to add a kick into a combo for a melee weapon?

I've added it in, however the blade still has the weapon trail enabled. And I haven't checked, but I imagine that the kick does no damage.

Is it possible to change the weapon trail to the leg, without setting up a whole new "melee weapon" for the leg, and trying to switch weapons on the fly?


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The Melee system currently only supports attacking with a single "weapon". You can attack with kicks, but you'll need to se the weapon use the foot as the weapon holder.

Another option is detecting hits in front of the player. This allows to use kicks, punches, sword slashes alltogether. Many games do this

Ah that could work using the detection hits - thanks for the feedback.

Is there any plans to support "multi weapon"? Useful for things like this (to add in kicks and punches), dual-bladed weapons, and dual-wielding weapons.


Not at the moment, although Navarro, a very talented user, is working on a module extension that allows so: https://support.gamecreator.io/communities/1/topics/949-dual-wield-shooter-module-beta


Hey, appreciate the shout-out!

I'm have a whole unarmed state for my Dual Wielding Module on my ideas list, that would include hand2hand and kicks 

(the goal is to have kicks while using weapons too, maybe even a ShooterPunch, I have a Grenade Button setup already that I think I can apply the Kicks in the same fashion)