Game Creator 1.1.9 Update is not working on Unity 2018 LTS version

Mirabel 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by caalis 2 months ago 5


I tried updating Game Creator with the latest Patch (1.1.9) but I can't install it on my 2018 LTS Unity version :( .

It asks for the 2019.4 version. It has an important fix for the camera wall clip I really need. Can it also be  installed on 2018 LTS? 

Unity version:
2018 final
Game Creator version:

Although it's not recommended to install on 2018.4, as the new UI has changed some things, you can still install it (although we will can't provide support for that).

To do so, go to the folder Plugins/GameCreatorUpdate/Data and double click the Package file. It will force the installation.


I'm having the same issue, and feel similarly to Mirabel. Why am I having this issue with an out of the box product, needing o force install on the latest version of unity? Shouldn't this product just, work? Can we look into a more realistic solution than having to force install every time? I'm still within my refund window.

I was still hoping that Marti will realize that he is basically shitting on us with this scheme, sorry Marti but that is what you are doing. You have released a product you are still showcasing on 2018 lts but now you did everything wrong and each module needs a separate unity version and it;s a mess. what started to be something wonderful just became some broken lego thing... I need a lot of fixes and I can;t get them just because you didn't have the honor to provide those fixed to ALL of your clients. I worked a lot on a project on 2018 lts and I just can't move in 2019 until I finish it ... I will do that at some point but now basically I payed for something that has no support anymore.

After having followed Marti's manual install instructions, while I do still feel like it's weird to have brand new day 1 customers using workarounds, I will acknowledge that its pretty easy to do and works fine on all versions. It's an awesome tool, and I'm thankful for having bought it for the benefits it brought to my projects.

I don;t understand, you released these set of tools (Game Creator and the others) for 2018 LTS showcasing everywhere (even now on the store: Unity: Game Creator is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. It requires Unity 2018.3 or newer.) that it's been optimized for 2018 LTS but suddenly now with an update you say that you don't provide support anymore.that's not cool... you should at least provide access to important fixes to everyone (most important for the ones running on the initial supported platform which is 2018).

I don't even want to think about the other tools, I suppose that it's dangerous now to run any updates containing important fixes because it will break my project since some of them require 2018 and some 2019...that's not how this should happen normally..Anyway, thank you for the information. I won;t install the updates since you won;t help if something breaks