Camera follow motor + orbit function

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Hello everyone. I've already asked Marti and he answered is not possible right now but encourage me to ask in this forum, so maybe someone is interested in developing it or there's a workaround.

As the header suggest, I need a follow camera motor view with the possibility to orbit 'only' around the Y axis of the player as you move the mouse horizontally. I've tried with the adventure camera motor because is the only one that lets you orbit but I can´t manipule the initial angle around X axis so that it keeps locked at that specific angle (max pitch) and only orbits around Y axis of the player as you move the mouse horizontally as mentioned earlier.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.

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Hi, we are adding orbit to the follow camera in the next Action Pack (2).  

Hopefully soon.

Great news! Hopefully soon too :) Perhaps you can config some parameters such as initial orbit (pitch/yaw) around a specific axis and lock the orbit so that it is only available around another axis. Maybe configurable through the inspector and actions. For example, set up an initial orbit around X axis and lock it so that it won´t orbit around X axis as you move the mouse and only orbit around Y axis when moving the mouse horizontally.

I don't think this action pack includes zoom for the follow camera, just orbit, correct? 

Action Pack 2 includes a trigger for scroll on mouse wheel which can be used for zoom camera. The pack comes with FOV actions for fixed and follow cams, with restricted variable, which will also imitate a Zoom. 

Hey we just bought and downloaded this package, but we are not getting an option in the "Trigger" settings for "OnScrollWheel", nor do we have an action to adjust zoom (just a FOV option) which is missing from the example scene anyway.

we are running Unity 2018.4. Is this package not compatible with all versions of Unity that can run Game Creator? Or are we missing something? 

Action Pack 2 was upgraded to support Game Creator 1.1.9 and hence Unity 2019.4LTS

Current Action Pack 2 is version 1.1.0. (1.2.0 will be released soon but will also be 2019.4LTS)

The Trigger and Actions are definatley in the Pack on the asset store, and in the examples (I just double checked)

If you send me (paul.pivec@mac.com) your invoice number, Unity version and GC version, I will see if I can build you a compatible release. 

However, it will not be updated with 1.2.0

Thank you. We will try to fix on our end first to see if we can't save you the time, otherwise we will take you up on your offer. 

For your reference (and anyone else interested) we were able to get the package compatible by removing the "highlight object" actions from the package. 

We are only using, and have therefore only tested, the mousewheel trigger and FOV actions for the follow camera. But all other actions are appearing as normal in the actions list.

We also need to adjust the max-min FOV slider directly in the script (if we use the actions interface, the values revert to their default settings on pushing play) but that's no problem for us. 

Just for the record to any observers it makes total sense for the package to be optimised for the latest GC package and credit to ProfP for always being so responsive. 

Follow-up question on this. 

We switch between two Follow cameras in our scene (one with a different anchor setting to the other, so we can't just use Change Follow Motor as that only lets us adjust Look At values). 

The first time we activate each camera, the Follow Camera FOV action works (with a scroll wheel trigger). But after switching back to the initial camera, the scrollwheel only adjusts the FOV of the 2nd camera, not the first. 

Is this inevitable given they are both Follow cameras or is there a workaround?




Hi, I just did a test with two follow cams and a fixed cam. 

I have two triggers, one to scroll fixed and one to scroll follow. 

They all work. When I switch between each follow cam, the scroll wheel zoom which ever is active.

if you email me, I can send you the scene file that I am using.