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(Possible Bug?) (UI Navigation with Keyboard & GamePad) (Does not work once I add a Trigger)(??)

robsdroid215 2 months ago in Game Creator updated 2 months ago 4 1 duplicate

Once I add a trigger I can no longer navigate my UI Buttons with Keyboard or GamePad.

My Steps.

- Create new Unity Project (2019.4.1f1)
- Import Game Creator module

- Add a Canvas (Right Click > UI > Canvas)

- Add x3 Buttons (Right Click > UI > Button)

(I do not use Right Click > Game Creator > UI > Button..... as Keyboard or GamePad will not work)

-  Set first Button as Active in Event System

So at this point My Mouse, Keyboard, and GamePad can successfully navigate my 3 buttons 

Now if I simply add a trigger (Right Click > Game Creator > Trigger)

If I hit play... my Keyboard and GamePad will no longer navigate my buttons

Even if I use the mouse to FOCUS on the buttons the Keyboard or Gamepad do not work.

What am I doing wrong?

Note for this example I did not configure the trigger. I have a basic understanding of Triggers and Conditions for Setting panels active. I just wanted to show you that simply adding a Trigger makes my UI not work properly.

How can I fix this? 

Please Advise....

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Unity automatically handles moving with the UI using a controller, as long as the UI has the focus. Not sure if this is what you're referring to though. Simply select the UI element so the focus is on that element and with the arrow keys or controller's directional keys you should be able to move around

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Thanks for the reproduction steps. I'm opening a ticket to see if I can reproduce this too and find a solution to the issue. I'll circle back as soon as I work on a core update.

Thanks. I am holding off on Inventory, Settings, and Pause..... until then. Basically at this point one could only use the mouse to navigate any menus...