Not able to use Right Trigger, Left Trigger, or DPAD in Game Creator (AXIS)

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Just wanted to leave this here in case others encounter this issue.

I wanted my GamePad fully available in Game Creator. 

I found that my Left & Right Trigger Buttons as well as my  DPAD would not work in Game Creator natively. 

Therefore I could not apply Actions, Conditions, or Triggers to those 6 Buttons.

Then I posted on Discord, and an awesome user by the name of FETAKNIGHT wrote me a script. 

Now I can see Axis RAW Down in Game Creator and use these buttons like all the rest.

- Download the attached script    IgniterAxisRawDown.zip

- Unzip it

- Copy  the .cs file to your Asset folder Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/Mono/Igniters

Now when you add a Trigger, under Input, you will have a new Option 'On Axis RAW Down'

Simply add your Custom Axis in the Axis Name field.

You need to create a Custom Axis 

Edit > Project Settings > Input Manager.

Below are what I use for PC with XBOX Controller

Note: With the below setup I can get the Left & Right Triggers working fine.

The DPAD I can only make Horizontal and Vertical work (2 out of 4 buttons) I can live with that :( 

Note: The creator of this Script said that this is RAW only, and items will be treated like a simple Buttons. Meaning your Trigger Buttons will not be pressure sensitive. He said the script could be reconfigured to make it pressure sensitive.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

I do not need an answer on this. I just wanted to post it for others.

FETAKNIGHT updated the script to use all 4 DPAD buttons