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Noah McMoney 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 2

So when I’m using game creator, and try to set the controls, it says nothing about the joysticks and stuff when I try to set for Xbox, and it doesn’t say the normal keys on keyboard like “R” and stuff like that, how do I do that or work around it?

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I am not sure if I 100% understand your question, but I can give you a bit of Info on Xbox Gamepad setup.

Disclaimer: I am new to all of this myself.

First you have to get familiar with Unity's Input Manager
Edit > Project Settings > Input Manager

This is where you can define what 'GamePad' or 'Keyboard' buttons do within your project. Game Creator relies on Unity to handle all GamePad mappings.

In a 'Game Creator Trigger' like 'Key Down', When you select the 'Key Drop Down Menu' to pick the key you want, you can scroll all the way down, and you will see Joystick Button 1, Joystick Button 2 etc..... This list is long, so just remember to scroll down.

If you are using the Adventure Camera, and you need to get your right thumb stick working for the Camera, you can see my reply here...

Also if you want to get your Triggers and DPAD working you can seen my post here

I hope this helps. Remember I am new to all of this, so my information may not be the best advice.


Thanks Robsdroid215, that's exactly right.