How to begin?

prunelle 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 4


I bought GC today. What I see it can do, I really love.

My problem is how to do it.
I searched hours for written documentations. But there is not really much.
I saw the youtube Videos. But they are so fast, I did not see what is happen in detail.
If it is explained by voice, I can't here it. I'm deaf. I'm not be able to hear. That's why I searched a written documentation.

I also played around with the Sample Szenes. The Sample Scenes work, but not what I tried to rebuid.
Simply: I've got a ground mesh in my Scene and the Player Charakter. This is not moving. The strange is, jumping with space bar works. Moving with wasd or arrow keys not. I can't find out those things just by Video.

Do I have another chance to get some information?

I'm usung Unity 2019.4.1f1 and GC 1.1.9



Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Try turning on close captions for the youtube videos, that might make the video tutorials and the likes more useful to you.

For your character: Did you create the player character from scratch in the scene/hierarchy? Just to make sure it has all the components / is set to controllable.

I turned it on yesterday and really helps a little bit. 
But it is still so fast, even when I have to look at the video and the CC same time.

I did it like in a video. Installing all from asset store, making the ground, then in the list on left (I think that is the scene/hierarchy) right click, GameCreator Submenu, Charakter, Player. Nothing more.
In the video it looked like this is enough. The jump is working. Even the moving by Point&Click is working. But not the normal one.

I've got it. My Unity Version was to new. In 2019.4.0f1 the movement works.
I hate me a little bit for not testing this earlyer.


Glad it works now. Yeah, every person learns differently. I usually prefer to go over scenes and experiment myself with what there is. Video tutorials usually show how to do certain things, but you have to be aware that video tutorials should serve as an inspiration, not a dogmatic way of doing things.

The tutorial goes over all the features and is a nice place to look back if you have doubts on how something works, but agree that it's most useful once you're a bit more comfortable with Game Creator and you use it as a manual.

I'm looking for ways to expand the learning resources, like making written tutorials with plenty of images, but this will take time. If you hav suggestions, please let me know.