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generic character model and shooting

Tathunder 3 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

Hi, Is it possible to get a generic model character to use the shooter module? I have spent today trying to get a turret to shoot at another character.

Not sure why I am getting this error.

My Aim action seems to have the shooter and target both selected in the scene. 'Aim at position' and 'aim at target' both throw this error. The character has the character shooter component.

I tested with the 'character enemy' on the shooter combat example scene. I changed to my turret generic model and stripped out the animations from the example revolver weapon. It is giving me the same error.

Thanks for any help.

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I have the weapon set to root. Still throws the error for me.

I get round it with using the muzzle direction method. This does not give the error and my turret hits most of the time.

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Not a bug

It is possible, but you have to set the "Weapon" origin to Root. That's because non-Humanoid characters don't have named bones, so it wouldn't make sense to attach a weapon to the right-hand of a, let's say, a spider.

Bone attachment can only work on humanoid characters.