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I was looking at the dialogue module, and trying to figure out if it can be used for a Visual Novel, with the added benefit of Game Creator 3D interactivity?

In a VN there is more than just displaying few lines of text on the screen.

To have an idea what I am referring to, please check RenPy. I’m using RenPy usually for VN projects but I got few Unity plugins that are trying to do the job to a certain degree, but are not quite there yet... I looked at Naninovel and is the one coming closer in Unity to what you get in the free RenPy these days.

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I think it should. I've taken a look at some visual novel software and should be fairly easy to do. Now that the Dialogue module has the Actor object (one character can have multiple avatars with different expressions) should be all you need. Screen-Shakes are also doable using Actions, as well as changing the background images, keeping track of the progress, etc...

If you have a very specific mechanic you want to discuss, feel free to drop it :-) Meanwhile, I'll take a look at RenPy and see if there are any features missing in our package.

I appreciate your fast answer. I forgot to put some links. First one is renpy, free download. They have a sample game and tutorials explaining functions, second one is a forum for a Unity asset that is doing something similar, with a demo game and videos of different things being implemented. 




That Naninovel package looks really good! I believe that with Game Creator and the Dialogue module you can do everything. The Save/Load system might require some set up (splitting your conversations into multiple Dialogues and saving which ones you've seen). The other thing that misses is characters animations. I'm taking note of this. Not sure when, but making a Visual Novel module could be interesting


Can we have a 3D scene in game creator, then interact with another character and load naninovel for that part, with 2d 

Characters, then switch back when interaction finishes?


Definitely! I was taking a look at Naninovel's engine documentation (https://naninovel.com/guide/engine-architecture.html#high-level-concept) and looks super robust! I don't have this package but maybe we could talk to the developer and prepare some Actions to more seamlessly integrate both packages.

Regardless of this, you should be able to do that just fine. Just remember to deactivate the Player's movement using the "Character Property" action and uncheck the "is Controllable" option.

I had no idea this is possible. How would you do to call Naninovel from GC?


Basically, what you'd need to do is create a new Action script (see the following link on how to do so) and use the Naninovel API to start executing a script (see this link). Although we don't own a copy of Naninovel, seems very straightforward to do.


That is very good to know, thank you. I think also other unity3d users will be interested.


Wow, this looks very promising. I hope to see someone create the Action scripts to link into Naninovel. Try as I might, I can’t penetrate the obstacles to achieving that goal.