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Query the current inventory weight and other functions that are useful in context.

markusrgb 3 months ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

In the inventory there is a display that shows what weight the player is already carrying. Unfortunately it is not possible to query this value with a condition.

I think that this is an important function that is currently missing in the Game Creator.

When adding or removing an item in the inventory, it should be possible to store this current weight value in a global variable.

It would also be useful to have a function to store an item in a Global Reference Variable. The same applies to the weight of the item.

This way you can check if the player has free capacity before recording individual items.

It would also be possible to build a trigger that would ask on every change of the global variable if or how fast a player can still move.

Furthermore, when collecting single items you could be asked if it is still possible to add them to your inventory.

For example, I use a target system that always shows me the next object in the vicinity of the player and visualizes this with a sprite ring. In addition, depending on the object, the player is shown a button that lets it interact with it. To open a container for every single stone or branch is not really useful.

Would it be possible to add these functions to the Game Creator?


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Under review

I think we can easily add conditions that allow to check both the current weight of the inventory as well as the remaining weight (to check, for example, if there's enough space to add a couple of potions). I'll get back once I work on the Inventory update.