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I am working on an Action Hack and Slash game that involves fast stylized combat. I have set up a test character and implemented the weapon and melee clips but when I test out the combat I get some form of ghosting on weapon where not all hits are captured in the combo, if I slow down the combo then it works but anything fast-paced like for example Devil May Cry combo style gives me this problem. I have tried playing with settings on the melee weapon hit capture, I get slightly better results with a Sphere than a Segment but still, some hits are not captured (see the video attached). Is there something I'm missing or is it a bug?

Unity version:
2019.4.0f1 (LTS)
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Segment should capture all hits, but I've been thinking about adding inter-frame capturing on sphere-cast mode, since fast paced games like yours could potentially suffer from ghosting.

You can enable "debug mode" by selecting your weapon model prefab, and in the Blade Component, check the "debug" field. Mark it and click play. You should see the trail, the hit zones as well as inter-frame hits being casted. You can play with the "resolution" value to draw more raycasts, at the cost of some performance.

I'm currently working on a Melee update, so I'll try to squeeze in inter-frame detection for sphere-casting.


Just circling back to confirm that this will come with the next iteration. You'll be able to choose how many inter-frame predictions you want to cast to avoid the gap between animation frames.

Here's a screenshot of the debug view. It may be a bit difficult to see due to image compression, but there are a trail of outlines of red boxes which are the predicted hits between the current animation frame and the last one.

This should solve the ghosting problem. If after the update you still encounter issues, feel free to reopen the thread. Cheers!


New update seems to working, the inter-frame predictions make my combos feel much better. Will continue to test and let you know I find any issues.


Awesome! Yes please, do let me know. You may need to increase the amount of inter-frames if it ghosts through objects, but this should work much better. Cheers!