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The button control of the GC does not support Gamepad operation. Hope to solve this problem in the next version.

cloud cang 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 5

The button control of the GC does not support Gamepad operation. Hope to solve this problem in the next version.

Unity version:
2019.4 LTS
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I tried it, the click navigation is set to automatic, the button control of the GC does not support gamepad operation, I can use the unity button control to use the gamepad operation. I think you should really test it once, I dare to guarantee that what I said is true , Obviously you didn't test it with gamepad.

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Not a bug

Game Creator button inherits from Unity's UI Button, which does support gamepad and keyboard controls.

To visualize them, click on the "Navigation" section's "visualize" button and you'll see the transitions. All this functionality comes from Unity.

I am having the same issue. It I understood the poster properly. Gamepad will work with UI in Unity to navigate buttons, If you try and do the same thing With Game Creator the Gamepad will not work.

If you guys are talking about the same issue I'm having, it seems that if there is any GC trigger in the scene, it somehow messes up the functionality of Canvas Event System.


Sorry Marti, but IT'S A BUG!!!
Today we have had talks with Cloud Cang (topic starter) about this problem, then me and @Samuli Jolkio made some tests.

Event System become buggy if you add any Trigger onto the scene. Event System doesn't set FirstSelected UI Object chosen in the Event System and main thing that you loose control using gamepads and keyboard.

I commented the line 84 in Plugins\GameCreator\Core\Mono\Interaction\Trigger.cs

and it start work as intended, but I have no clue how it will impact the stable work of GC.

This bug appears again with any type of Game Creator UI controls - Button, Text, Sliders which you're using.
When you add any of Game Creator UI controls onto the scene, the Event System become buggy again.

With that commented line and Unity UI elements only (instead of Game Creator UI controls) Event System works like a charm and gamepad / keyboard input works fine. Triggers, actions and conditions also works fine. But we are loose ability to use Game Creator UI controls at all.

This is really urgent problem because many guys have a big headache and looking for alternative solutions for input management and even for Game Creator at all. The topic starter was forced to use Bolt and GC together because gamepad control is required for him.

Under review

I'll reopen the ticket and have a more thorough look at this. Seems strange that inheriting from the Button class breaks compatibility with automatic navigation, but not saying it's impossible. I'll update this ticket once I get to work on this for the next update