Try to update to 1.1.9

EdXL 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 3

Hi, I have tried to updated to 1.1.9 but it shows that I need 2019.4 LTS in order to update? Thanks.

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Yes, the Update for GC 1.1.9 is to enable 2019.4LTS to be the new minimum level. Otherwise you should stay on 1.1.8 with 2018.4LTS.

Hi, shouldn't we wait for a few months before dropping support for old version completely as 2018.4LTS is most stable and production ready release? And 2019.4LTS was just released few days ago...

Also on CC asset page,it says "Game Creator is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. It requires Unity 2018.3 or newer."

How about bug fixing for 1.1.8 like "memory leak slowing down editor" which is very annoying as I need to restart Unity every hour...


Unity 2019.4 was released last week and we haven't updated the documentation yet. Although I agree that we should have waited a few days to see if the latest LTS version is stable enough, we put our faith it would.

There are a lot of visual changes (see the new Editor UI) and maintaining two themes wouldn't be feasible, so I decided to drop support in favor of the latest LTS.

However, you can still use Game Creator in 2018.4 (without any warranty it will work smooth though) by force-installing the Plugins/GameCreatorUpdate/Data/Package file. Simply double click that file and let the installation process begin.