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Looping sound with 3D spreading ?

Dornano 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 3

I understand that music audio types are looping by default, but they are in 2D.
And sound audio types are one-shot sounds, which we can put in 3D.

But is it possible to have a looping sound with 3D spreading ? Like the sound of a roaring machine in a specific place, or whatever.

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In that case, I'd recommend simply using the Audio Source component from Unity. It's easy and you get 3D spatialization by default.

Yes indeed, that's what I began to do, but when I want to manage all the sounds in once using GC (lower the volume or mute, for a Pause screen for ex), the Unity 3D audio sources are not impacted :/

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You're right. I'm opening a ticket and I'll circle back when I have some news. The audio system hasn't received much love and has barely changed during the development of Game Creator. Thanks!