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Activation and deactivation of components with the same name (e.g. triggers)

markusrgb 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Jacob Falling 3 months ago 3

Hello, everyone,

I would have expected that after each deactivation call, one component after another would be deactivated/activated (depending on what is set for "False/True Component")

However, it is probably so that components with the same name are only executed once (or always only the first one with the same name).

Unfortunately it is not possible to rename the component Trigger in Trigger1.

Unfortunately I cannot distribute the triggers to different objects, because I work with buttons and global variables. Furthermore, the actions for several different objects run through a central script.

Is there possibly a solution for this?

Here pictures from my example, the state of the components before and after the "False/True Component" action was executed:

The second trigger remained active.

thanks a lot


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What you can do is Create an Empty game object and put one trigger inside of that and lets say you call it trigger1 for the empty game object, then create another empty game object and name it trigger2, then when you enable/ disable the gameobjects , the child triggers will also do the same.

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Although that's a possible solution, is not really optimal. I'll open a ticket to investigate this, since it's true that two components of the same type will not get deactivated.

I'm backed into a bit of a corner with this as well. I have three triggers that need to be routinely enabled and disabled, and I have not found a good solution. 

Disabling the triggers with Call Method also has no effect. Even disabling the actions resulting from the triggers does not work.

I will try the workaround above, but my setup is already very convoluted and difficult to debug because of workarounds.